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My demographics do not determine my destiny...it is not where I'm from but where I going!

Naleisha Webb,

Owner of Nays Tacos

Naleisha, affectionately called Nay, was born and raised in Watts, Los Angeles.   Watts, a subsection of south Los Angeles, is an area plagued with poverty and violence.  It is within this backdrop that Naleisha was driven to find her voice, her place, her way, and now continues her life’s work as a mother and businesswoman in the Watts community.  The oldest of eight children, Naleisha felt the loving burden to become a role model her siblings could look up to.  So, she would soon find herself pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors.  In 2011 Naleisha began cleaning houses in the neighborhood.  She would go on to do this for two years.  In Naleisha’s free time she could be found cooking.  She has always had a love for cooking; she would often cook for her children in her front yard.  Her great tasting food became a favorite amongst her neighbors and friends so she decided to take her efforts from her house to the larger community.  Naleisha began cooking at local car washes, she set-up shop at local gas stations and word began spreading about her amazing tacos.  Her drive, along with her success from these endeavors gave her the confidence she needed to branch out and invest in what would later be called Nays Tacos.  In 2013 Naleisha separated from her full time employment and formally birthed Nays Tacos.  


Today, Naleisha has two taco trucks, caters dinner parties, baby showers, prom parties and more.  Nays Tacos is a staple at many Los Angeles Parks & Recreation events, Glendale, Pasadena, and other neighboring cities.  Her taco trucks are a regular at Los Angeles Metro events, Kaiser Permanente Farmer’s Markets and other Los Angeles county events as well.  Naleisha’s entrepreneurial pursuits continue on with her current endeavor: Nays Tacos, the brick and mortar restaurant opening this May in Inglewood, California.  


Naleisha is the mother of three boys (David, Daylan and Cincere).   


A Nays Taco experience includes beautiful decor, personable customer service, and most importantly, great tasting food.  If this is what you are looking for, then you should definitely book Nays Tacos.